Elevate Your Event
at Rotterdam's
Premier Rooftop

At the heart of Rotterdam’s Central District, the rooftop of the Groot Handelsgebouw (GHG) offers a premier venue that combines historical significance with modern luxury. Built in 1953, GHG is not just an architectural icon of Rotterdam’s post-war reconstruction; it’s a dynamic space that fosters innovation and community among its more than 450 resident companies. Today, it stands as a beacon where global visionaries, local entrepreneurs, and cultural innovators converge.

Next to rotterdam central station

In and/or outside spaces for events

Hassle-free event

Unparalleled Access and Amenities for your guests

Strategically located next to Rotterdam Central Station, GHG offers unmatched convenience for both national and international guests. The presence of a hotel adjacent to GHG ensures that your event attendees have premium accommodation options right at their doorstep. Moreover, with the largest parking facility in the city center, accessibility is seamless for those traveling by car, making your event a hassle-free experience for guests.

Why Choose the rooftop eventspace?

High speed secure wifi

Design driven spaces

All-in event solutions

Strategically located

Stunning views of Rotterdam

A Versatile Venue for Every Occasion

Whether you’re planning a corporate function, a cultural gathering, or a mix of both, the GHG rooftop is equipped to facilitate events of all kinds. Our space is as flexible as it is inspiring, capable of hosting executive summits, team offsites, conferences, panels, mixers, and more. The open-air courtyards, spacious event areas, and breathtaking views of the Rotterdam skyline create an atmosphere that is sure to ignite creativity and collaboration.

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All-Encompassing Event Solutions

Leave the logistics to us. With comprehensive services that include space setup, furniture, cutting-edge technology, gourmet catering, and professional staffing, organizing an event has never been easier. Our all-inclusive approach means you can focus on what matters most—connecting with your guests and making a lasting impression.

Happy clients, awesome events

Designed to Inspire,
Committed to Impact

As part of the vibrant GHG community, events on our rooftop do more than just offer a memorable venue; they contribute to a larger mission of revitalizing and enriching Rotterdam’s cultural and business landscape. Managed by Jamestown, our commitment to design-driven spaces and community-based programming ensures that every event makes a positive impact on the city.

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Discover the difference at GHG’s rooftop—where every gathering has the potential to inspire change and foster meaningful connections. Located at the nexus of accessibility, luxury, and innovation, it’s the perfect setting to host major moments against the backdrop of Rotterdam’s stunning skyline.